Monday, November 26, 2012

Unsponsored Advert - Ebates

There are things that rock: music, food, art, new socks, etc. And then there are things that make you go hmmmm.... In this case, it's a client of mine: (I work in advertising) I thought it was hogwash when I first heard about it, then I talked to some coworkers and it's legit. So here's how it works: Ebates is essentially a referrel site meaning they get paid by the commerce site for traffic that goes through them. In turn, you sign up, find a website, buy stuff and you get a percentage of your spend back. Example: sign up for > go to through the site > a ticket is opened and logged on your account > make a purchase > depending on what the cash back offer is that day, you get a percentage of your spend back from in the form of a check or Paypal payment. I've got coworkers who've gotten checks ranging from $40-$600. I myself just made a purchase from Toys R Us for $19.99 and I've got $1.60 coming back to me. Imagine if I spent all the money that I ended up spending on Black Friday! Trust me, I'm kicking myself. But the good news for me is that I'm not nearly done with Christmas shopping and I have no urge to brave the mall again, so from the safety of my couch I can make the rest of my purchases.

Give it a whirl, leave a comment with your feedback. I'd love to hear how it worked for you!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Happy shopping!

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